Q1 2022 Investment Outlook: Navigating Obstacles on the Road to Recovery

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Investment Capabilities

Management teams in six investment disciplines employ well-defined, repeatable investment processes in strategies encompassing nearly all segments of the global capital markets.

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Emerging Markets Sustainable Impact Report

We share our experience identifying companies we believe are benefiting from the growth generated by alignment with the SDGs.

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Alpha With Impact

The investment landscape continues to broaden, presenting more opportunities to commit capital to businesses that offer attractive return potential and contribute to a better world.

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Current Views

COVID-19: Implications for ESG Investing

COVID-19 may have lasting societal impacts—potentially even affecting the way we invest. Our ESG & Investment Stewardship Team breaks down the implications.

Global Governments Unleash Viral Response to World’s Economic Ills

COVID-19 continues to spread, and countries are ramping up their responses to protect vulnerable economies. Will their efforts pay off?

Risks, Responses and Our Outlook for Volatility

The “known unknown” is how extensive the spread and human cost of the virus itself. Our CIOs tackle key questions about recent market volatility.