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Advisor Funds Account Application
This application is for use only by clients of financial professionals whose accounts are invested in any of the investment companies in American Century Investments® ("American Century").
IRA Application
Use this application to open an Investor, A, C or Advisor class Traditional, Roth or Rollover IRA using a financial professional.

Service-Related Forms

Form Title Paper Form
Designation of Beneficiary
Use this form to designate primary or secondary beneficiaries for your American Century Investments® retirement account.
Request to Transfer/Roll Over
Use this form to transfer retirement assets from your current custodian or trustee to American Century Investments; roll over employer-sponsored retirement assets to American Century Investments; transfer an account held with another firm/fiduciary to American Century Investments; or convert a traditional IRA to a Roth IRA.
Transfer a retirement or non-retirement account held with your current financial professional or firm to the same fund at American Century Investments.
Transfer of Ownership
Use this form to transfer shares to a new owner or change your account ownership.
Transfer on Death (TOD) Agreement
Use this form to transfer ownership of your shares to your beneficiaries, effective upon your death. Before you complete the form, please review the TOD Rules  and discuss the making of a TOD direction with your attorney.
Notice of Name Change
Use this form to tell us that your legal name has changed.
One-Time and Automatic Transactions
Use this form for a one-time transaction or automatic exchange, investment or redemption plan.
IRA Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) Request
Use this form to request your RMD payment. RMDs do not apply to a Roth IRA.