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Investment Outlook.

A Steadfast Approach through Challenging Markets

Against a backdrop of economic and political uncertainty, shifting central bank policies and currency fluctuations, American Century’s fixed income team seeks to generate excess returns over a full market cycle by realizing the upside of strong markets and minimizing drawdowns in declining markets.

We believe this long-term focus gives us the patience to filter out short-term noise and steer through uncertainty to remain focused on our clients’ objectives. 

Global expertise. Nimble execution.

Global expertise. Nimble execution.

We believe the ability to outperform requires the expertise to spot opportunities as well as the agility to act on them. 

Driven by proprietary fundamental research. Enhanced by quantitative insights.

Proprietary research enhanced by quantitative insights.

We pursue consistent excess returns over a full market cycle by conducting deep research augmented by quantitative applications.

Committed to client-focused solutions.

Committed to client-focused solutions.

We view relationships with our clients as partnerships and collaborate to customize solutions. 

Investment Capabilities

We provide single- and multi-sector portfolio solutions across all major fixed income markets. We believe in the ability of an active, research-driven fundamental approach to exploit inherent market inefficiencies and outperform over time.

Single Sector

U.S. Intermediate Government

Seeks current income by investing in a range of government bond sectors, including Treasuries, government agencies and mortgages.

U.S. Short Duration Inflation Protection

Seeks real return by investing primarily in short-term investment-grade inflation-indexed bonds.

U.S. Inflation-Adjusted

Seeks real return by investing primarily in investment-grade inflation-indexed bonds.

U.S. Diversified Corporate

Seeks total investment return through a combination of current income and capital appreciation.

U.S. High-Yield Corporate

Seeks to maximize current income while also pursuing capital appreciation as a secondary objective.

Emerging Markets Debt Total Return

Seeks to deliver most of the upside of emerging markets debt, with 50% - 75% of the volatility, over a full market cycle.


U.S. Short Duration

Seeks to limit volatility when rates are rising to generate long-term returns.

U.S. Core

Pursues total return while seeking to control risk relative to the benchmark by investing in a broadly diversified, high-quality, intermediate-duration portfolio.

U.S. Core Plus

Pursues enhanced yield by investing  a portion of the portfolio in high-yield, emerging markets and non-dollar issues alongside investment-grade securities.

Global Fixed Income

Focuses on total return by exploiting the full range of global securities and currencies in a currency-hedged portfolio.

Non-U.S. Aggregate

Seeks high total return by investing in high-quality, non-dollar-denominated government and corporate debt securities outside the United States.

Multi-Sector Credit Income

Seeks high current income by employing a tactical sector approach  that spans U.S. and non-U.S. fixed income sectors, including high yield, emerging markets debt and preferred stock.

Global Unconstrained

Targets return of the U.S. 3-Month T-bill Yield Index plus 2.5%, and a volatility target of 6% in an actively managed portfolio that spans developed and emerging markets.

In addition to the strategies listed, our capabilities also include –

  • Securitized portfolios, which invest primarily in Commercial and Non-Agency Residential Mortgage-Backed Securities, and Asset-Backed Securities
  • Currency portfolios, which seek total return through a combination of quantitative inputs and market experience-based research.

Re-examining Everything

The COVID-19 pandemic has American Century’s fixed income team taking a fresh look at all our portfolios.

Hear from John Lovito, Co-CIO of Global Fixed Income, about our views on opportunities across global markets, strained credit markets, and our outlook for interest rates, both in the U.S. and around the world.


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