Macro & Market

Beyond U.S. Markets: Searching for Growth Amid Gloom

Sr. Portfolio Manager Rajesh Gandhi explains how his team finds ways to “connect the dots” to find growth businesses despite looming trade wars.

Video Games Go from Niche to Mainstream

Massive, enduring shift in consumer behavior presents significant opportunities for active equity managers.

The Case for Investing in Global Small Caps

Taking a global approach to investing in small-cap stocks can offer diversification and performance potential through exposure to a greater opportunity set and the inherent inefficiencies of global small-cap markets.

Global Small Caps: Finding Alpha

In this highlights video, Trevor Gurwich, Vice President and Senior Portfolio Manager, Global and Non-U.S. Small Cap Equity, discusses his outlook for global small cap stocks.

Equity Markets: Uncovering Opportunity in Turmoil

The first quarter was a wild ride for equity markets. VP and Sr. Global & Non-U.S. Equity Portfolio Manager Brent Puff looks at what’s causing volatility, what it means for the equity market and how it presents a chance to be opportunists.

The Global Impact of Regional Tariffs

In PM Al Polit's mid-year video, he examines trade concerns, and what the prospect of peace in Korea could do economically for the region.

What is Fueling Global Equity Returns?

In the world of investments, little is certain. Sr. PM Brent Puff explains what he sees are the important factors affecting equity markets.

Will Corporate Profits Continue to Rise in 2018?

Market valuations today are relatively high versus long-term averages. As interest rates rise, that's likely to be an impediment to future stock returns. We think the opportunity for stock prices to move higher is going to be more dependent on the rate of corporate profit growth in 2018.

Global Equities: Will Inflation Slow Expectations?

Despite geopolitical tensions, trade wars, rising interest rates and inflation, we continue to be constructive on the outlook for equities.