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Fed Tackles Mounting Inflation With Belated Rate Hike

Rising rates, volatility emphasize the need for portfolio diversification, downside protection

Russia-Ukraine Conflict: War Stresses Supply Chains, Stokes Inflation

Overburdened supply chains and persistent inflation threaten economic and profit growth.

Russia-Ukraine Conflict: Three Implications for Developed Markets

Our Non-U.S. Growth portfolio team weighs in on how the Russia-Ukraine conflict may affect energy security, inflation and earnings.  

Inside Washington: What’s New This Quarter

Leading political affairs expert Andy Friedman shared his nonpartisan insights on the latest legislative developments in Washington.

Russia-Ukraine Update: Escalating Conflict Has Market and Portfolio Impacts

While the situation remains extremely fluid, Russia’s military actions in Ukraine have escalated ongoing tensions between Russia, NATO and the U.S.

Russia-Ukraine Update: Invasion Stokes Inflation, Clouding Fed Outlook

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine ratchets up volatility in an already uncertain economic environment.

Russia-Ukraine Standoff: Our Take on Potential Market Effects

Ongoing tensions between Russia and the West over a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine have worried investors and increased market volatility.

The Pandemic Has Shattered Historical Inflation Trends

How the Fed and other policymakers deal with the biggest jump in prices in four decades will affect market prices and consumer sentiment for some time to come.

CIO Roundtable: Navigating Market Regime Change

A select group of American Century Investments’ thought leaders share perspectives on the global economy and opportunities they see for fixed income, value equities and multi-asset strategies.

Fed Policy Fuels Volatility, but Other Forces Are Along for the Ride

Financial markets may be in for more bumps in the road as investors seek near-term clarity from ongoing uncertainties.

Earnings Watch: Profits Matter as Volatility Rises

Many companies reporting strong results have held up better than their weaker counterparts.

Inside Washington: A Candid Conversation With Andy Friedman

Hear insights on the current state of policy proposals and ideas for investors and advisors to consider for potential market reactions to any changes. Watch now.

Policies & Investing: A Washington Insider’s Look

Hear how spending and tax proposals may impact the markets, investments, retirement planning and more from a true Washington insider. Watch now.

Breakthrough Medical Treatments Brighten Outlook for Alzheimer's Patients

Senior Portfolio Manager Michael Li discusses Biogen, a company with the potential of doing well financially over the long term and focusing on social good with its breakthrough treatment.

Investment Opportunities in a Post-COVID World

We believe the travel industry might be poised to rebound significantly.

Senate Runoff Victories in Georgia Boost Biden’s Ability to Enact Priorities

Now that Democrats have gained a razor-thin margin in the U.S. Senate after runoff wins in Georgia, how aggressively the Biden administration pursues its legislative priorities remains to be seen.

Biden Won’t Ride a Blue Wave, but Change Is Coming

Biden has pledged to work with Republicans on Capitol Hill. Failing that, he won’t be powerless to pursue his agenda.

Global Markets Shifting Along With Election Scenarios

As many predicted, we find ourselves in an unsettled situation as election officials nationwide count votes in the contentious U.S. presidential election.

Focus on Process, Not Politics

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is one example that demonstrates the pitfalls of investing based on political outcomes.

Global Markets at a Crossroads Leading Up to U.S. Election

November’s U.S. presidential election will, inevitably, affect markets. Today we look at what a Trump or Biden victory could mean for investors. Which industries would benefit, and which industries would not?

Stocks Are the True Independents in This Election

Presidential elections often lead to volatility in the markets. But “betting” on a political outcome is difficult and potentially costly.

Managing Multi-Asset Portfolios in Turbulent Market Environments

Well-diversified portfolios targeting specific levels of risk and return should not require significant reallocations during periods of high volatility.

Fed Commits to Help for the Long Haul

Here’s the role the Federal Reserve has played in the 2020 economy, and what policymakers are expecting for the rest of the year.

Actively Positioning Capital in an Uncertain World

As the coronavirus continues to alter supply chains, consumer behavior and government policy, is now really the best time to own the entire market in a portfolio?

Global Governments Unleash Viral Response to World’s Economic Ills

COVID-19 continues to spread, and countries are ramping up their responses to protect vulnerable economies. Will their efforts pay off?

Risks, Responses and Our Outlook for Volatility

The “known unknown” is how extensive the spread and human cost of the virus itself. Our CIOs tackle key questions about recent market volatility.

Panic And Perspective

Markets may have panicked today, but we think it’s best if investors respond with poise and patience instead.

The Correction is Here But Disruption is Transitory

The coronavirus has affected markets, but it’s important to keep those effects in context. Get CIO Victor Zhang’s thoughts on the latest correction.

Watch Your Downside: The Evolving Impact of Coronavirus

Investors who previously took the coronavirus epidemic in stride are now coming to grips with concerns about its impact on global economic growth and corporate earnings.