Sustainable Investing in Emerging Markets

By Patricia Ribeiro - First Quarter 2020

There’s a lot of talk about environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing. However, few managers have focused on emerging markets—and that’s where we see a tremendous amount of potential.

When we engage companies in emerging markets on ESG issues, they’re often surprised. They may already be improving their environmental, social or governance practices, but no manager has ever asked them how their companies address ESG factors. This tells us we’ve found a significant opportunity.

I think we are pioneers in this space. We don’t see a lot of attention from other emerging markets equity managers on ESG or on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which our strategy aligns with.

Watch my videos for more on our process and for examples of companies that are doing something good for the world, as well as generate alpha.

ESG Topics and Trends

Get additional insights about ESG and sustainable investing.

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    Sustainable Investing in Emerging Markets

    There’s a lot of talk about ESG investing. However, few managers have focused on emerging markets—and that’s where we see a lot of potential.

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