Integrating ESG Factors into the Investment Process Moves the Needle Forward

Guillaume Mascotto, head of ESG and Investment Stewardship, discusses the importance of integrating ESG disclosures and company fundamentals when evaluating an issuer's ability to manage risk or capitalize upon an opportunity.

The Importance of SDG Investing in Emerging Markets

Learn why we believe investors may achieve alpha with impact without compromising solid returns.

ESG Outlook: Key Trends Fueling Momentum

Discussion of ESG's 2018 milestones and what is driving ESG investing.

ESG Continues to Evolve

Bringing fundamental analysis to ESG investing

Emerging Opportunities in Green Bonds

Going green is no longer limited to recycling or buying energy-efficient appliances. With the rise of the green bond, environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing is now venturing into fixed income, helping fund projects with broader positive environmental impacts.

Overcoming the Challenges of ESG

Incorporating ESG factors into portfolios can be challenging because of differing terminology, rating methodologies and disclosure standards.

    Our ESG Approach

    We believe an integrated approach to ESG investing can help increase portfolio diversification and maximize the incorporation of both ESG quality and alpha-related inputs.

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