ESG/Sustainable Investing

Why REITs Now?

REITs may offer diversification and sustainability benefits, particularly during periods of moderate to high inflation.

2022 Proxy Season: 5 ESG Issues to Watch

A turbulent 2020 provided a strong tailwind to 2021 as investors increasingly used proxy voting to express their views on ESG issues. In fact, 2021 was a breakthrough year for shareholder advocacy.

Health Care Outlook: Pioneering Innovation Fuels Compelling Opportunities

As measured by research output and FDA drug approvals, innovation has reached all-time highs in recent years.

Health Care Outlook: How Innovation Is Meeting Demand

Hear some examples of the compelling investment opportunities in the health care sector created by the intersection of escalating demand with tremendous innovation.

ESG Focus: Financial Inclusion

This report examines the state of financial inclusion among the world’s poorest populations and its impact on global economic growth.

ESG Outlook: The World Is Still in the Early Innings of an Era of Sustainable Investing

Demand for sustainable investment solutions continues to expand—across borders, asset classes and generations.

Investing Sustainably: Seeking to Do Well and Do Good

Joe Reiland, Portfolio Manager, and Matt Oldroyd, Head of Corporate Sustainability, discuss why non-financial factors have become important in the investment landscape, how to navigate ESG considerations and how we approach corporate sustainability.

Fine-Tuning ESG Risk Using Multi-Asset Portfolio Construction

Demand for environmental, social and governance (ESG)-related investments has surged in recent years, but the best way to integrate ESG considerations into multi-asset portfolios is less clear.

U.S. Sustainable Large Cap Core: Sustainability Report

See how we have integrated ESG analysis alongside traditional financial evaluation to identify sustainable companies that offer the potential to deliver excess returns over time.

Global Small Caps Are at the Forefront of Green Energy Innovations

Investor interest in responsible investing continues to grow as stakeholders pay increasing attention to environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues.

Integrating an ESG Framework

Combining both top-down and bottom-up inputs, the American Century Investments' ESG framework can be applied across investments strategies.

Europe Leads the Way in Green Energy Solutions

Proactive regulations, tech advancements and aggressive investment are creating opportunities in green energy across Europe.

Integrating ESG Criteria in Multi-Asset Portfolios

Multi-Asset CIO Rich Weiss discusses the evolutionary process of integrating ESG principles into multi-asset portfolios.

ESG Focus: Water Stress

The ESG & Investment Stewardship Team explores trends contributing to this crisis and steps institutions and companies could take to help mitigate the effects of water stress.

Health Care Impact Equity Report

In this Impact Report, we will show how your investment capital supports crucial innovation and change leading to better health care outcomes around the world.

ESG Outlook: 6 Key Trends We’re Tracking in 2021

Climate change, cybersecurity, technological advancements and demographic changes were altering the investment management landscape before COVID-19. Learn what key trends our team is tracking in 2021.

Emerging Markets Sustainable Impact Report

Investing for positive impact continues to evolve. It has quickly become a mainstream way to manage risk and uncover opportunities that traditional financial analysis may fail to capture.

Adding Value Through Large-Cap ESG Investing

Can my investments do well while the companies I invest in do good? This is a question many investors ask as they consider portfolios that assess ESG factors as part of the investment process.

Biden's Victory—A Likely Boon For ESG, But Is It Enough?

The Democratic-controlled House of Representatives will likely echo Biden's stance on climate change, resulting in a strengthening of the federal government's role in energy and environmental policy.

10 Steps Toward Effective ESG Integration

A successful ESG integration strategy relies on 10 key steps.

Trailblazing through Emerging Markets

Get to know Patricia Ribeiro, head of the American Century Investments emerging markets equity team.

How Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Informs ESG Analysis

There’s growing evidence that diversity affects companies’ bottom lines. Here’s how we factor DEI issues into our investment analysis.

ESG Focus: The Acceleration of Electric Mobility

We explore four key trends that are helping increase electric vehicle adoption globally and market implications for industries exposed to electric and internal combustion vehicles.

The Value of ESG: Building on a Strong Foundation

Focusing on quality has historically led us to companies with strong financial and ESG characteristics.

Health Care Monthly Monitor

This timely update provides insights into health care sector stock performance and social impact themes related to U.N. Sustainable Development Goal 3 (Good Health and Well-Being).

ESG Focus: Carbon Emissions and Data Centers

We discuss carbon emissions exposure at the sector and industry levels by considering electricity usage by data centers, a large and growing segment of the information technology sector.

COVID-19: Implications for ESG Investing

COVID-19 may have lasting societal impacts—potentially even affecting the way we invest. Our ESG & Investment Stewardship Team breaks down the implications.

ESG Outlook: Five Key Trends Are Driving Momentum in 2020

Learn how addressing certain trends may not only help mitigate downside ESG-related risk and increase the possibility of upside potential, but also help managers adapt to the prevailing shift in mindset toward sustainable investing.

Sustainable Investing in Emerging Markets

There's a lot of talk about ESG investing. However, few managers have focused on emerging markets—and that's where we see a lot of potential.

U.N. Sustainable Development Goals Present Opportunities in Emerging Markets

By investing with the intention of helping to advance the Sustainable Development Goals, you can play a critical role in creating a more inclusive society.

The Importance of SDG Investing in Emerging Markets

Learn why we believe investors may achieve alpha with impact without compromising solid returns.

    ESG and Investment Stewardship

    We believe an integrated approach to ESG investing can help increase portfolio diversification and maximize the incorporation of both ESG quality and alpha-related inputs.

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