Emerging Markets Exploration

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Understanding Emerging Markets Opportunities

Outlook: Sequenced Rather Than Synchronized

As countries emerge from lockdown and vaccinations accelerate, we expect continued improvement in growth in the second half.

Integrating an ESG Framework

Combining both top-down and bottom-up inputs, the American Century Investments' ESG framework can be applied across investments strategies.

Underlying Beauty and Simplicity of Life Endure

Get to know Portfolio Manager Prabha Ram, a key member of the American Century U.S. Focused Dynamic Growth strategy investment team.

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    The American Century Investments® Advantage

    Distinct Growth Philosophy – our emerging markets team focuses on identifying companies exhibiting earnings acceleration and sustainability.

    Bottom-Up, Fundamental Research – we look for companies that fit our process regardless of their home country. Macroeconomic impact is incorporated into our company analysis.

    All-Cap, Pure-Play Approach – we search for the best ideas regardless of market cap, in an effort to broaden the opportunity potential for outperformance while staying true to our mandate of investing in emerging market companies.

    We believe that when a company's earnings per share are growing at an increasing rate it represents one of the most important tools in determining a stock's potential to increase in value

    Patricia Riberio, Vice President, Senior Portfolio Manager

    A Repeatable Process Focused on Company Rather than Country Fundamentals

    We recognize the macroeconomic environment's impact on companies, but incorporate it with our bottom-up, individual stock analysis. We believe that focusing on company fundamentals rather than country headlines helps build a high conviction portfolio. It is the market's inefficiency and its slowness to recognize positive inflections points that gives our growth philosophy an advantage to discover companies ignores by our competition


    Active Management Drives Emerging Market Succes

    Emerging Markets are a diverse collection of countries, each with their own economic, political and cultural distinctions. These distinctions along with historically low analyst coverage create significant inefficiencies that can be exploited by the right manager.

    Emerging Markets Strategy

    Our Emerging Markets strategy seeks to invest in companies that are located primarily in emerging markets and demonstrating accelerating growth.

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