Opportunities in Emerging Markets Debt

January 2020

With duration a powerful tailwind in 2019, emerging markets debt (EMD) delivered some of its best returns in years. Although our investment professionals do not expect the same strong push in 2020 from declining inflationary pressures and accommodative monetary policies, they do believe the asset class will be a positive contributor in portfolios.

Portfolio Manager Abdelak Adjriou recently sat down with AssetTV for a wide-ranging interview. Hear his take on a number of topics:

  • Perceptions on volatility
  • Expectations for the U.S. dollar
  • Outlook for local versus external debt
  • Winning and losing countries from global trade disruptions
  • How U.S. presidential election could affect investments in China
  • Opportunities for integrating ESG considerations in EMD investing
Abdelak Adjriou
Abdelak Adjriou

3 videos, 16 minutes 29 seconds

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