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ESG Continues to Evolve

ESG Continues to Evolve

When investors seek our advice, we recommend ESG integration. This approach helps increase portfolio diversification and maximizes the integration of both ESG quality and alpha-related inputs.

June 2018

Sustainable Income Header

Investing for Sustainable Income: Diversification Matters

We discuss how a mix of investments may help boost return potential while helping to temper overall volatility.

October 2018


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Meet Your New Robo-Analyst

Meet Your New Robo-Analyst

Scaling Investment Decisions with Artificial Intelligence.

November 2018

Tax Reform

Tax Reform: Playing the Long Game

We analyze the relative winners and losers of tax reform through case studies that illustrate the effects on certain sectors, industries and companies.

November 2018

Rising Rates and Volatility

Rising Rates and Volatility

American Century Investments views passive and active strategies as complementary tools for achieving successful investment outcomes.

July 2018

Beyond Tariffs and Trade Wars

Opportunities in Emerging Markets

Understanding emerging markets opportunities and the American Century advantage.

April 2018

TDR Dashboard

Target-Date Risk Dashboard

An Innovative, Custom Solution to target-date fund (TDF) Evaluation and Selection.

April 2018

South Korea Header

South Korea: Emerging Markets Medalist or Value Trap?

We see attractive long-term investment opportunities selling at a discount.

March 2018

The Value of an Active, Global Approach in Small-Cap Investing

The Value of an Active, Global Approach in Small-Cap Investing

Learn why we believe small-cap stocks can provide portfolio diversification and performance potential.

January 2019

Is Now the Time for Value Investing in Emerging Markets?

Is Now the Time for Value Investing in Emerging Markets?

Despite the fears gripping emerging markets, we see attractive opportunities for long-term investors.

January 2019

Recent Setbacks in Emerging Markets

Recent Setbacks in Emerging Markets

Consider current conditions as short-term difficulties and remain focused on the longer-term positive outlook for the region.

October 2018

Market Shift

Market Shift from Growth to Value

We discuss if the recent market shift is a short-term bounce or a long-term shift.

October 2018

EM Update

Amidst Market Turmoil, Don't Overlook the Long-Term Case for Emerging Markets

Global trade wars, higher U.S. interest rates, and a stronger U.S. dollar combined to send emerging markets toward bear market territory.

September 2018

Video Gaming

Video Games Go from Niche to Mainstream

Massive, enduring shift in consumer behavior presents significant opportunities for active equity managers.

September 2018

Global Small Caps

The Case for Investing in Global Small Caps

We discuss how small-cap stocks can help provide portfolio diversification and performance potential.

August 2018

Small Companies Header

Can Small Companies Pack Big Dividends?

We answer this question and discuss why small caps aren’t such an unlikely source of sustainable dividends.

November 2017

EM Death Header

Reports of the Death of Emerging Markets Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

Reasons for Optimism: The Importance of Differentiation in the Age of Trumponomics.

August 2017

Retail Header

Retail: Thinking Outside of the Brick and Mortar

Our U.S. Value Equity Team believes there are opportunities in well-managed retailers whose business models will enable them to successfully withstand or incorporate secular trends into their business models.

September 2016

Developed Non-U.S. Equity Outlook

Developed Non-U.S. Equity Outlook

While uncertainty over trade policies and Brexit negotiations is weighing on corporate sentiment, learn why we believe the outlook for 2019 non-U.S. corporate earnings growth remains positive.

January 2019

Start Your Engines Header

2017 National Plan Participant Study Overview

Explore the results of the 5th annual national survey of defined contribution plan participants.

August 2017

Impact Investing Header

Impact Investing: Institutions Awaken to New Possibilities

Institutional allocations to impact investing are growing rapidly and are on track for further expansion in coming years.

December 2016

Emerging Markets Equity: Are We In for a Rebound?

With Vice President and Sr. Portfolio Manager Patricia Ribeiro

Finding Growth Opportunities in an Uncertain Economic Cycle

With Vice President and Large Cap Growth Portfolio Manager Jeff Bourke

A Rebound in 2019 for Small Cap Value Stocks?

With Vice President and Sr. Portfolio Manager Jeff John

Optimism in Value Investing in 2019?

With Vice President and Sr. Portfolio Manager Mike Liss

How Would Slower Growth Affect Market Returns in 2019?

Vice President and Senior Portfolio Manger Brent Puff

Investing in 2019: Finding Signals within the Noise

Portfolio Manger Prabha Ram

Investment return and principal value of security investments will fluctuate. The value at the time of redemption may be more or less than the original cost. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

Generally, as interest rates rise, bond prices fall. The opposite is true when interest rates decline.

International investing involves special risks, such as political instability and currency fluctuations.

Diversification does not assure a profit nor does it protect against loss of principal.

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