The Pandemic Has Shattered Historical Inflation Trends

How the Fed and other policymakers deal with the biggest jump in prices in four decades will affect market prices and consumer sentiment for some time to come.

Fine-Tuning ESG Risk Using Multi-Asset Portfolio Construction

Demand for environmental, social and governance (ESG)-related investments has surged in recent years, but the best way to integrate ESG considerations into multi-asset portfolios is less clear.

Managing Multi-Asset Portfolios in Turbulent Market Environments

Well-diversified portfolios targeting specific levels of risk and return should not require significant reallocations during periods of high volatility.

New Research Identifies Optimal Glide Paths—and the Disconnect with the Typical TDF

New research combines real-world participant behaviors with academic rigor to identify optimal glide paths for plan participants—and reflects just how far the industry is from that standard.

Our 2021 Capital Market Assumptions

Capital market return assumptions are an essential component of the investment tools and capabilities we deploy to aid clients in developing portfolio solutions.

Integrating ESG Criteria in Multi-Asset Portfolios

Multi-Asset CIO Rich Weiss discusses the evolutionary process of integrating ESG principles into multi-asset portfolios.

Balancing Risks in Glide Path Design

Understanding the impact of design decisions on retirement outcomes.

The Transition Risk Zone: Where Retirement Perception and Reality Diverge

It’s important for plan sponsors to recognize that participant retirement planning is different than participant retirement reality.

The Decumulation Conundrum: Solving for Income in Retirement

A growing number of people no longer have guaranteed income to fund their retirement. We discuss potential investment- and insurance-based retirement income solutions.

Global Governments Unleash Viral Response to World’s Economic Ills

COVID-19 continues to spread, and countries are ramping up their responses to protect vulnerable economies. Will their efforts pay off?

Panic And Perspective

Markets may have panicked today, but we think it’s best if investors respond with poise and patience instead.