Trade Wars, Rising Rates & Volatility: Time to Hedge?

By Robert V. Gahagan - August 14, 2018

The synchronized global growth story appears to be under some stress, as evidenced by data in the second quarter of this year. Growth could further decelerate if protectionist trade policies around the world go from rhetorical to reality. If so, it could be mean disruption to supply chains, higher consumer prices and uncertain business planning until cooler heads prevail.

This trade war talk is leading many investors to wonder how they can protect themselves in this rather uncertain environment. While there’s no guarantee against loss when you invest, I’d suggest looking into inflation protection for your portfolio. In my mid-year update video, I lay out some strategies in an environment of rising rates and a possible trade war.

Robert V. Gahagan
Robert V. Gahagan
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    Trade Wars, Rising Rates & Volatility: Time to Hedge?

    The on-going trade war talks could lead to uncertain environments until cooler heads prevail. What strategies can investors use in such an environment?

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