Global Bond Market Brief

Monthly analysis of the global bond market.

Rising Debt and Deteriorating Credit Quality Expose Potential Risks of Index Investing

As the global economic cycle matures, certain risks inherent in fixed-income investing will become more apparent.

Asset TV: Emerging Markets Debt Benefits and Outlook

Abdelak Adjriou, discusses his view on the current investment environment and the benefits of allocating into emerging market debt.

Asset TV Institutional Masterclass: Emerging Markets Debt

In this highlights clip of a recent Asset TV Institutional Masterclass panel, Abdelak Adjriou discusses mispriced risks, increasing oil prices, central bank normalisation, and total return approaches in emerging markets debt.

Trade Wars, Rising Rates & Volatility: Time to Hedge?

The on-going trade war talks could lead to uncertain environments until cooler heads prevail. What strategies can investors use in such an environment?

Turmoil in Turkey: Risk or Opportunity for Emerging Markets Investors?

After a reprieve in July, volatility has returned to emerging markets assets, thanks mostly to tumult in Turkey.