Global Bond Market Brief

Monthly analysis of the global bond market.

Asset TV: Emerging Markets Debt Benefits and Outlook

Abdelak Adjriou, discusses his view on the current investment environment and the benefits of allocating into emerging market debt.

Asset TV Institutional Masterclass: Emerging Markets Debt

In this highlights clip of a recent Asset TV Institutional Masterclass panel, Abdelak Adjriou discusses mispriced risks, increasing oil prices, central bank normalisation, and total return approaches in emerging markets debt.

Trade Wars, Rising Rates & Volatility: Time to Hedge?

The on-going trade war talks could lead to uncertain environments until cooler heads prevail. What strategies can investors use in such an environment?

Turmoil in Turkey: Risk or Opportunity for Emerging Markets Investors?

After a reprieve in July, volatility has returned to emerging markets assets, thanks mostly to tumult in Turkey.