The Global Impact of Regional Tariffs

By Al Polit - August 29, 2018

There is, understandably, a lot of angst when it comes to current U.S. trade policy and the decision to impose additional tariffs on countries like China or Mexico. What many people don’t consider is how these protectionist policies could affect not only prices, but where a company builds its next factory.

Against this backdrop, we’re also watching a strengthening U.S. dollar. As a global value investor, that’s actually an exciting proposition because of the opportunities it presents—especially in emerging markets, where company valuations might be getting beaten down and could become more attractive.

In my mid-year “report card” video, I examine not only trade concerns, but also what the prospect of peace on the Korean peninsula could do economically for the region. Click the video to find out what else is on my mind, including why I think we should brace for more volatility throughout the rest of 2018.

Al Polit
Al Polit
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    The Global Impact of Regional Tariffs

    In PM Al Polit's mid-year video, he examines trade concerns, and what the prospect of peace in Korea could do economically for the region.

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