Finding Absolute Value in a Growth-Driven Market

By Al Polit - April 11, 2019

Headed into the second quarter of 2019, we’re seeing two types of tailwinds benefiting our Non-U.S. Intrinsic Value Strategy: a marketplace that is extrapolating short-term results into the future, and undervalued emerging market currencies.

What does that mean for my investment portfolio? We’re overly allocated in the financials space, and I also see opportunity in consumer discretionary and emerging markets. And at a more granular level, two companies I like right now are Kingfisher and BNP Paribas.

Watch my quarterly outlook video, below, for a deep dive into all of these topics.


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Non-U.S. Intrinsic Value

Non-U.S. Intrinsic Value is a bottom-up, absolute, intrinsic value strategy that adheres to the principle of margin of safety in constructing a benchmark agnostic portfolio of approximately 40 to 60 securities.

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