Six Reasons Investors Should Consider U.S. Value Stocks

By Phil Davidson & Peter Hardy, CFA - November 2019

Key Takeaways

  • The U.S. market is deep and diverse, offering ample opportunity to own stocks in high-quality, dividend-paying companies. We think the market’s characteristics, combined with the diversification benefits of U.S. exposure, make U.S. equities an appropriate, material position in global investors’ portfolios.
  • Style is an important consideration when investing in the U.S. A value strategy focuses on companies that trade at a discounted valuation that doesn’t reflect the issuer’s future quality and earnings power. We believe buying undervalued, higher-quality stocks represents an opportunity for investors to benefit when the stock price reverts to higher levels. Historic returns show that such an approach outperformed with less risk over time.
  • An emphasis on income has also proven to be successful, as dividends have provided a stable and more certain source of investment returns. Importantly, focusing on higher dividend-paying companies may be a way to identify higher-quality companies.

In this paper, we identify six reasons we believe investors should consider a material allocation to U.S. value stocks.

Phil Davidson, CFA
Executive Portfolio Manager
Peter Hardy, CFA
Peter Hardy, CFA
Sr. Client Portfolio Manager

Six Reason Investors Should Consider U.S. Value Stocks

November 2019 | Market Perspective

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