Slower Growth and Market Returns in 2019

Market expectations are low coming out of 2018. Sr. Portfolio Manager Brent Puff explains the potential implications for global growth markets in 2019.

Will Corporate Profits Continue to Rise in 2018?

Market valuations today are relatively high versus long-term averages. As interest rates rise, that's likely to be an impediment to future stock returns. We think the opportunity for stock prices to move higher is going to be more dependent on the rate of corporate profit growth in 2018.

Finding Global Small-Cap Opportunities in Uncertain Markets

Senior Portfolio Manager Trevor Gurwich explains why the larger opportunity set and domestic focus of global small-cap equities make them well positioned to weather market pressures in the current environment.

A World of Opportunities

Sr. Client Portfolio Manager Laura Granger discusses ways to find growth opportunities outside the U.S. in a decelerating growth environment.

Seeking Growth in a Softer Economy

Economic activity around the world is softening, which Sr. Portfolio Manager Brent Puff believes could make finding future growth more challenging.

2019 Midyear Insights: Emerging Markets Fight Through Volatility and Headlines

In 2019, we are seeing emerging markets investors focusing more on the bottom up—for stocks that will outperform—and less on just headline news.

2019 Midyear Insights: Buying Opportunities in the U.S.-China Trade War

Trevor Gurwich believes portfolio construction is key to navigating the uncertainties of the ongoing trade tensions between the U.S. and China.

The Case for Investing in Global Small Caps

Taking a global approach to investing in small-cap stocks can offer diversification and performance potential through exposure to a greater opportunity set and the inherent inefficiencies of global small-cap markets.

Global Small Caps: Finding Alpha

In this highlights video, Trevor Gurwich, Vice President and Senior Portfolio Manager, Global and Non-U.S. Small Cap Equity, discusses his outlook for global small cap stocks.

Global Small Cap: Opportunity for Diversified Alpha

Trying to find the best opportunities globally within small cap companies.

Global Economic Risks: Are They Diminishing?

Despite the first quarter market rally, Global & Non-U.S. Equity Portfolio Manager Brent Puff notes slowing global growth. What’s that mean? The pace of corporate profits is under pressure, which means a more difficult backdrop for equities.

Emerging Markets Equity: Are We in for a Rebound?

2018 may have been difficult for emerging markets, but Sr. Portfolio Manager Patricia Ribeiro has three reasons to look forward to a better 2019.

Small Cap Value: Leveraging Market Inefficiencies

Trade war and tariffs are creating volatility—and creating opportunity for Sr. Small Cap Portfolio Manager Jeff John’s investment team.

What is Fueling Global Equity Returns?

In the world of investments, little is certain. Sr. PM Brent Puff explains what he sees are the important factors affecting equity markets.

The Global Impact of Regional Tariffs

In PM Al Polit's mid-year video, he examines trade concerns, and what the prospect of peace in Korea could do economically for the region.

Equity Markets: Uncovering Opportunity in Turmoil

The first quarter was a wild ride for equity markets. VP and Sr. Global & Non-U.S. Equity Portfolio Manager Brent Puff looks at what’s causing volatility, what it means for the equity market and how it presents a chance to be opportunists.

Global Equities: Will Inflation Slow Expectations?

Despite geopolitical tensions, trade wars, rising interest rates and inflation, we continue to be constructive on the outlook for equities.

Six Reasons Investors Should Consider U.S. Value Stocks

Learn why we believe high-quality, dividend-paying U.S. companies may offer solid risk/reward potential.

Video Games Go from Niche to Mainstream

Massive, enduring shift in consumer behavior presents significant opportunities for active equity managers.

Rising Rates and Volatility

A more positive environment for active value investing

Amidst Market Turmoil: Don’t Overlook the Long-Term Case for EM

Notes from the Global Growth Equity Desk

Current Trends in Global Small Caps

Learn about why we believe global small caps offer diversification and performance potential.

Is Now the Time for Value Investing in Emerging Markets?

Despite the fears gripping emerging markets, we see attractive opportunities for long-term investors.

The Value of an Active, Global Approach in Small-Cap Investing

Learn why we believe small-cap stocks can provide portfolio diversification and performance potential.

Developed Non-U.S. Equity Outlook

While uncertainty over trade policies and Brexit negotiations is weighing on corporate sentiment, learn why we believe the outlook for 2019 non-U.S. corporate earnings growth remains positive.

Brave New World: Equity Investing in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Learn about how artificial intelligence is scaling investment decisions and changing the investment management industry all together.

Recent Setbacks in Emerging Markets

Consider current conditions as short-term difficulties and remain focused on the longer-term positive outlook for the region.

Tax Reform: Playing the Long Game

Analyzing the Relative Winners and Losers

Market Shift from Growth to Value: Short-Term Bounce or Long-Term Trend?

Notes from the Disciplined Equity Desk