Why REITs Now?

REITs may offer diversification and sustainability benefits, particularly during periods of moderate to high inflation.

Health Care Outlook: Pioneering Innovation Fuels Compelling Opportunities

As measured by research output and FDA drug approvals, innovation has reached all-time highs in recent years.

Russia-Ukraine Conflict: War Stresses Supply Chains, Stokes Inflation

Overburdened supply chains and persistent inflation threaten economic and profit growth.

Inflation-Wary Investors May Find Refuge in Companies with Pricing Power

Stocks have historically shielded investors from inflation’s fury. Choosing the stocks of companies with strong pricing power may make an even greater difference.

Russia-Ukraine Conflict: Three Implications for Developed Markets

Our Non-U.S. Growth portfolio team weighs in on how the Russia-Ukraine conflict may affect energy security, inflation and earnings.  

Playing The Long Game: Staying the Course Despite Volatility

After an extended period of strong returns, growth-oriented stock investors have experienced a more volatile environment in recent months.

CIO Roundtable: Navigating Market Regime Change

A select group of American Century Investments’ thought leaders share perspectives on the global economy and opportunities they see for fixed income, value equities and multi-asset strategies.

SEC Final Rule Affects Chinese Companies Listed on U.S. Exchanges

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recently finalized amendments that implement disclosure and submission requirements of the Holding Foreign Companies Accountable (HFCA) Act.

Earnings Watch: Profits Matter as Volatility Rises

Many companies reporting strong results have held up better than their weaker counterparts.

What Value Investors Should Know About Health Care Stocks

Health care companies are adapting to a world shaped by the impacts of COVID-19.

Why Non-U.S. Equities May Be Poised for Outperformance

In this Q&A, Senior Portfolio Manager Rajesh Gandhi discusses the current market environment for non-U.S. equities, noting certain secular trends we believe will continue to support earnings growth.

The Great Debate: Global Growth vs. Global Value

In this Q&A, Senior Investment Director Chris Chen moderates a discussion between Senior Portfolio Managers Mike Liss and Brent Puff about the often-debated potential advantages of growth- and value-oriented investment styles.

Focused Dynamic Growth Strategy Insights

Get our investment team’s take about how this high-conviction, large-cap growth strategy performed during the past quarter.

China’s Regulatory Crackdown Doesn’t Derail Investment Opportunities

New regulations aimed at education and technology companies have led to market uncertainty and volatility in China.

China’s Harsh Regulatory Environment Creating Attractive Long-Term Opportunities

China’s long-term growth plans are based on establishing a consumer-based economic system centered around technology and innovation.

Global Growth Strategy Insights

Hear directly from our global growth investment team on performance, portfolio positioning and the market environment.

Emerging Markets Equity Strategy Insights

Hear directly from our emerging markets equity investment team on performance, portfolio positioning and the market environment.

Global Small Cap Strategy Insights

Hear directly from our global small cap investment team on performance, portfolio positioning and the market environment.

Small-Cap Biopharmaceuticals: The Epicenter of Medical Innovation

We see opportunities in smaller-cap biopharma companies developing treatments and cures for unmet medical needs.

Revisiting Earnings Acceleration

Is earnings acceleration an underused source of diversification and excess return? See what the new data shows across regions, sectors and factors in different market environments.

Breakthrough Medical Treatments Brighten Outlook for Alzheimer's Patients

Senior Portfolio Manager Michael Li discusses Biogen, a company with the potential of doing well financially over the long term and focusing on social good with its breakthrough treatment.

U.S. Sustainable Large Cap Core: Sustainability Report

See how we have integrated ESG analysis alongside traditional financial evaluation to identify sustainable companies that offer the potential to deliver excess returns over time.

What Wall Street Is (Still) Missing About Tesla

We believe the market’s focus on short-term results creates opportunities for long-term investors in ground-breaking companies like Tesla.

Underlying Beauty and Simplicity of Life Endure

Get to know Portfolio Manager Prabha Ram, a key member of the American Century U.S. Focused Dynamic Growth strategy investment team.

The Great Debate: Non-U.S. Growth vs. Value Equities

When it comes to finding compelling investment opportunities outside the U.S., style may not matter as much as you think.

Navigating the Low-Volatility Anomaly

The low-volatility anomaly is an investment phenomenon that challenges conventional stock market theories.

Investment Opportunities in a Post-COVID World

We believe the travel industry might be poised to rebound significantly.

6 Reasons Why Global Small Caps May Have Room to Grow

The 2021 outlook for global small caps from Sr. Client Portfolio Manager, Jim Shore.

Is It Time to Consider Non-U.S. Equities?

Investors might consider positioning their portfolios in an effort to take advantage of these potential opportunities.

Can the Small-Cap Surge Continue in 2021?

Exposure to small-cap equities could benefit investors in 2021 and beyond.

Adding Value Through Large-Cap ESG Investing

Can my investments do well while the companies I invest in do good? This is a question many investors ask as they consider portfolios that assess ESG factors as part of the investment process.

Revisiting the Active/Passive Debate

We believe active outperformance results from making investment decisions within the context of a company’s stage of development—rather than in isolation over a short horizon—and supported by differentiated, rigorous fundamental research.

Biden Won’t Ride a Blue Wave, but Change Is Coming

Biden has pledged to work with Republicans on Capitol Hill. Failing that, he won’t be powerless to pursue his agenda.

Global Markets Shifting Along With Election Scenarios

As many predicted, we find ourselves in an unsettled situation as election officials nationwide count votes in the contentious U.S. presidential election.

Can Small Companies Pack Big Dividends?

Each generation of wireless technology enabled faster speeds and innovation. Could 5G also pave the way for improved social and environmental issues?

Focus on Process, Not Politics

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is one example that demonstrates the pitfalls of investing based on political outcomes.

The Conundrum of Investing in Small-Cap Value Tech Stocks

We see opportunities in under-the-radar companies like laser manufacturers, but you can’t take a passive approach to finding them.

The Ongoing Rise of Tesla

Find out why we view Tesla as a transformative technology company positioned for growth well into the future.

COVID-19 Changes Will Affect Emerging Markets Investment Opportunities Beyond Technology

New investment opportunities in emerging markets (EM) are resulting from the coronavirus pandemic’s impact on consumer behavior.

5G Brings Growth Opportunities for Investors

Each generation of wireless technology enabled faster speeds and innovation. Could 5G also pave the way for improved social and environmental issues?

The Value of ESG: Building on a Strong Foundation

Focusing on quality has historically led us to companies with strong financial and ESG characteristics.

Sustainable Investing in Emerging Markets

There's a lot of talk about ESG investing. However, few managers have focused on emerging markets—and that's where we see a lot of potential.

Opportunities in China Amid the Trade War

Trade war aside, Sr. Portfolio Manager Patricia Ribeiro is still finding opportunities to invest in China. Find out how in her latest quarterly update.

Finding Global Small-Cap Opportunities in Uncertain Markets

Senior Portfolio Manager Trevor Gurwich explains why the larger opportunity set and domestic focus of global small-cap equities make them well positioned to weather market pressures in the current environment.

Six Reasons Investors Should Consider U.S. Value Stocks

Learn why we believe high-quality, dividend-paying U.S. companies may offer solid risk/reward potential.